Return of the Coneheads

No more is the time for waiting, now is the time for Conic to make its return.

Over the past four months Conic has undergone extensive auditing and review in preparation of v2 deployment. While this process has been lengthy, it has been incredibly valuable in turning Conic into the robust protocol that is v2.

Now that all audits are nearly finalized it’s time to prepare Conic for launch. That of course starts with governance. In two days we’ll kick off what will be a series of three votes that will determine how Conic Omnipools are relaunched. Votes will occur in the following order with the next one beginning after the previous one ends.

Vote 1: Supported underlying assets for v2 Omnipools

Decide which underlying assets will have supported Omnipools. Users can vote for multiple different choices and each selected choice will receive equal voting power. An asset must receive at least 50% support to pass.


  • ETH
  • USDC
  • DAI
  • USDT
  • crvUSD
  • FRAX

Vote 2: [CAP] Whitelisted Curve pools for each Omnipool

For each Omnipool that Conic supports (as per the results of vote 1) a CAP will be held to determine which Curve pools are whitelisted to receive Omnipool liquidity. The list of available pools for voting will follow the requirements as per the Conic docs.

A pool must receive at least 34% support to be included for launch (pools can always be added or removed later). A minimum of two pools must be included, if less than two pools receive 34% support, then the top two pools will be chosen.

Vote 3: Genesis pool weights for each Omnipool

For each Omnipool that Conic supports (as per the results of vote 1) a LAV will be held to determine the initial liquidity allocation weights that it will launch with.

Proposing Conic v2

After these necessary votes conclude we’ll publish the Conic v2 launch proposal. This proposal will cover everything we’ve been working on including new features, a finalized reimbursement scheme, vlCNC incentives, and the v3 locker. Conic v2 introduces several mechanisms that should be enabled via governance. Hence, a separate governance proposal will be raised.