Bringing the Cones Together

Beep boop beep bop. Over the last few days attention towards Conic has grown significantly, new Coneheads have joined the community, and many have become excited for the Omnipool vision. While this newfound community engagement is great, it’s important that we don’t get too drunk on our Gin and Conic. With that being said, let’s address some key points.

CNC/ETH Gauge Vote
The address that deployed this gauge proposal does not belong to anyone on Conic’s core team. This was not an internal decision. Normally, projects wait for their protocol to be under audit before deploying a gauge proposal and this is also what we had planned. If the current proposal passes, that is great. If not, a new one will be deployed once Conic is under audit.If the current gauge proposal does get passed, we will of course support it and a community discussion regarding the potential of bribes will be due.

Pointing the Cone
DAO governance will commence soon and we are quite excited for the community to start utilizing the power of vlCNC. Specifically, some upcoming votes include deciding:

  1. Curve pool whitelisting - For each Conic Omnipool, which Curve pools will be supported?
  2. Pool weights - For each Conic Omnipool, how is liquidity distributed?
  3. CNC emissions - How will CNC inflation be weighted between each Conic Omnipool

As the protocol code base is still getting polished, it is not open-sourced yet. However, if you have not done so and are interested, please check out the PoC implementation for LP token pricing, any form of constructive feedback is welcome.

The aforementioned votes taking place will also mark the completion of nearly everything on the implementation or development side. We realize that this has been a long period and we want to thank the real Coneheads for letting us build in peace. Support from the OGs has continuously been great and it’s important that they realize their voice does carry weight.

We encourage Coneheads who have ideas or suggestions to share them via topics in the Conic Discourse. Creating an efficient and fair governance system for CNC is imperative and we, the Coneheads, have the power to do so. Over the next quarter, when all becomes revealed, we want all the cones pointing towards Conic’s Omnipool future.