BUSD+FRAXBP Weight - FRAX Genesis Omnipool Update

On February 13, 2023 the Genesis liquidity allocation vote (LAV) for the FRAX Omnipool concluded. The final weights for each pool were as follows:

  • FRAX+USDC: 40.44%
  • FRAX+3CRV: 38.68%
  • GUSD+FRAXBP: 11.72%
  • BUSD+FRAXBP: 9.17%

Since determining the initial whitelisted Curve pools for the FRAX Omnipool, liquidity has been significantly volatile among specifc Curve pools. At the time the BUSD+FRAXBP was whitelisted it held roughly $12m in liquidity. Today, the BUSD+FRAXBP now only holds $1.59m in liquidity.

At launch it is imperative that Omnipool efficiency and security is prioritized. Considering the now low pool TVL, it would be optimal if the BUSD+FRAXBP liquidity allocation weight is set to zero for the FRAX Omnipool at launch. Furthermore, the BUSD+FRAXBP liquidity allocation weight will be distributed, by weighted proportions, to the other whitelisted Curve pools as follows:

Updated FRAX Genesis Liquidity Allocation Weights:

  • FRAX+USDC: 44.52%
  • FRAX+3CRV: 42.58%
  • GUSD+FRAXBP: 12.90%

Please note that this change is completely isolated to the genesis LAVs. In the future, updates of this nature will not occur and liquidity allocation weights, as determined by LAVs, will be final. Moreover, Iā€™d like to thank the community once again for their support and cooperation as we ensure everything is aligned for Omnipools launch.