[CAP] Remove FRAX+crvUSD from the crvUSD Omnipool

The Curve pool for FRAX+crvUSD currently only has $2.3m TVL. As a security measure we usually require that a Curve pool has at least $10m ensuring sufficient liquidity to handle extreme events such as a coin depegging. The FRAX+crvUSD Curve pool however has gradually been decreasing in TVL to low levels where we now make up a large share of the total pool.

In addition to this, the APR of the FRAX+crvUSD Omnipool is a lot lower than the other Curve pools in the crvUSD Omnipool. And there is not much general demand for LPing into this Omnipool.

I propose we remove the FRAX+crvUSD Curve pool from the crvUSD Omnipool to improve security and yield for the Omnipool, while also reducing gas costs for deposits and withdrawals.

If removed, this could always be added again with another CAP if the TVL and APR of the FRAX+crvUSD Curve pool changes in the future.