[CAP] Remove TUSD+crvUSD from the crvUSD Omnipool

The crvUSD Omnipool currently holds $27.85m or about 63% of the total crvUSD supply. Since its initial launch, Conic has been rapidly adopting crvUSD and driving substantial amounts of liquidity across different crvUSD paired pools. The crvUSD Omnipool liquidity allocation weights are as follows:

  • USDT+crvUSD: 26.63%
  • USDC+crvUSD: 34.8%
  • TUSD+crvUSD: 21.71%
  • USDP+crvUSD: 16.87%

The next crvUSD Liquidity Allocation Vote (LAV) will begin tonight at 0:00 UTC. This round of voting will also include the FRAX+crvUSD pool as per the Snapshot vote that concluded on the 23rd of June. In addition to the normally scheduled votes, a vote to remove TUSD+crvUSD from the crvUSD Omnipool will be held in congruence with the normally scheduled LAVs. After following the ongoing conversation regarding TUSD within the Conic community and consulting with relevant parties, we believe this is the best way to address the TUSD situation.

The next round of LAVs will begin shortly as according to the normal governance schedule. The vote to Remove TUSD+crvUSD from the crvUSD Omnipool will begin at the same time. If this vote is to pass, the liquidity allocation weight for TUSD+crvUSD will be set to zero at the same time all other Curve liquidity allocation weights are updated (12 hours following the conclusion of LAVs). Rebalance rewards will be active during this time and enable each Omnipool to swiftly update their liquidity allocation weights.


Iā€™m in favor of this proposal.

There is a lack of transparency and communication from TUSD that is not up to the standards expected of a centralized fiat-backed stablecoin.

As long as it has not changed, the TUSD-crvUSD pool should not be allocated any liquidity after the next LAV.