[CAP] Whitelisted Curve Pools for ETH

Beep boop. At this time, a Snapshot proposal is now live to determine the whitelisted Curve pools for the ETH Omnipool. The proposal outlines how voting will work but we wanted to provide some additional details regarding the ETH Omnipool.

First and foremost, as some of you may have noticed, we decided to take the liberty of skipping a vote to add an ETH Omnipool. Considering that the community has been well aware that the ETH pool is coming, we found that holding this vote would be redundant and create an unnecessary delay in shipping the ETH Omnipool.

With that being said, we’d also like to share that the ETH Omnipool is currently under audit. In addition to the ETH Omnipool, this audit also covers supporting volatile, or non-pegged, assets for Conic Omnipools.

Lastly, it should also be made clear that this ETH Omnipool (the one subject to the current vote) is for ETH pegged pools only (e.g. stETH+ETH, cbETH+ETH, etc.). ETH pools that are paired with non-ETH-pegged assets may be supported in their own distinct Omnipool(s) in the future.


Makes absolute sense, great decision.

Very exciting, and no doubt the community will be pleased with the broader scope to include volatile and non-pegged assets. LSDs seem to be in fashion at the moment, so enabling Conic to participate in the narrative is an easy win.

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