[CIP] Urgent: Core Team Communication and Progress Reports

Dear Community Members,

I write to address a critical issue that our community has persistently raised: the lack of effective communication and progress updates from the core team. This situation is not only concerning but also breeds frustration and uncertainty among stakeholders.

Over the past several months, numerous requests have been made for regular bi-weekly or, at the very least, monthly progress reports. Unfortunately, these requests have been met with various explanations, none of which adequately address the community’s legitimate concerns:

  1. Existing Bi-Weekly Reports: While it has been claimed that bi-weekly reports exist, their consistency and quality have left much to be desired. In general, they have had nothing to do with any progress of Conic but merely updates on LAV and pool compositions or Curve news
  2. Time Constraints: The argument that continuous updates are too time-consuming for the team is unacceptable. Transparency and accountability are fundamental to any successful project, and allocating time for concise progress reports should be non-negotiable.

Community Involvement Matters:

This proposal, outlined in the Conic Improvement Proposal (CIP), aims to rectify this situation. We believe that community members deserve to be active participants in the project—not mere bystanders. Transparency fosters trust, and it is high time we bridge the communication gap.

Proposed Frequencies for Updates:

  1. Bi-Weekly: A brief, focused update every two weeks, summarizing progress, milestones, and any noteworthy developments.
  2. Monthly: A more comprehensive report, covering the past month’s achievements, challenges, and upcoming goals.

Simplicity and Accountability:

We recognize that exhaustive 1000-word reports are unnecessary. Instead, we propose succinct updates that include:

  • Recent Progress: Highlighting the last two weeks’ accomplishments.
  • Completion Estimates: Providing realistic timelines for ongoing work.
  • Other News: Sharing relevant updates that impact the project.

This practice aligns with standard corporate and professional norms and is feasible even for a lean team.

Let us prioritize transparency, empower our community, and ensure that no one remains in the shadows. Your voice matters, and together, we can drive positive change. VOTE!

Thank, I agree. Can you add a link to the vote page too ?

Let me dissect this a bit, as there seems to be some confusion.

I don’t believe any community member has ever claimed that there are official bi-weekly reports. It sounds like you are confusing this with Conelink, the community-driven bi-weekly newsletter. It’s been regularly published since the early days of Conic and should serve as a good general overview of the state of Conic.

I disagree with your point on time constraints. Given that you’ve been in the Conic community since the early days, you should know that the team has always been focused on building a secure protocol. Unfortunately, this takes time. The team spent a lot of time ensuring that Conic v2 works smoothly and securely (thanks to the support of great auditors). We always wanted some period to ensure that everything works as intended and that there aren’t any reported issues before rolling out new features. Since v2 launch, Conic has been working as intended and TVL has started to increase again slowly.

We will announce new features when they are ready. We are currently working on v2.1. Hopefully, we can share some specifics soon (this will partly depend on the auditor, but we hope to lock in an audit by the end of the month).

Thank you for your insights. Let’s address the community’s perspective:

  1. Conelink Newsletter: While the Conelink newsletter provides a general overview of Conic’s state, many community members express that it falls short of their expectations. They seek more detailed progress updates beyond what metrics like LAV results or TVLs offer from week to week.

  2. Time Constraints and Secure Protocol: Acknowledging the team’s focus on building a secure protocol, it’s essential to strike a balance between security and timely communication. Community members appreciate the efforts behind Conic v2’s functionality. However, they also desire more frequent updates on project progress. The upcoming v2.1 release is eagerly anticipated, and timely communication about its specifics would be valuable as the lac of communication is what leads to the most frustration in the community.

If you want a positive community, be transparent and give continuous updates on the progress. If you want a negative community, keep them in the dark. What do you think is best for the overall future of the project?

Let’s put it to a vote!

Only core members are able to put votes up on Snapshot