Conic Delegation Guide

To delegate your vlCNC voting power go to: Snapshot

Once there, connect your wallet, enter the address you would like to delegate to, then confirm the delegation of your voting power by signing with your wallet.

After confirming your delegation your voting power will be applied to the delegated address for all future votes. However, the delegation strategy that Conic uses enables users to reclaim their delegated voting power. Whereby if the address you delegated to votes on a proposal, then you vote on that same proposal, your delegated voting power will be returned to you and applied to that vote. Furthermore, delegated voting power may be revoked at anytime via the Delegate page on the Conic Snapshot.

Becoming a Conic delegate

Individuals interested in becoming a Conic delegate, can campaign for their delegation by submitting a post in the delegates section of the Discourse. This post is your opportunity to pitch yourself as a delegate and should include:

  • Why you should be a delegate
  • Your background in the space (if possible, please include relevant links such as your X profile)
  • How you intend on voting with your delegated voting power
  • Your wallet address