Daesu candidacy

Gm Coneheads, here are a few words about my candidacy as a delegate.

  • Why you should be a delegate?

I will take care of your voting power without fear or greed. I can assure you that I will never be compromised and will do my best to act honestly, in the best interest of all coneheads and the protocol. Having delegates who understand the protocol and its game theory very well is essential to optimize its use in my opinion. I think I could help move in that direction.

  • Your background in the space

DeFi lover and writer occasionally
I was a member of the Conic council member and author of “State of the Pools”, a review of the latest LAV on Conelink. This has not been the case for several months.

  • How you intend on voting with your delegated voting power?

I know Conic very well and I can provide good judgment on liquidity allocation. I’ll mainly consider these factors.

  • pool’s asset quality
  • pool’s liquidity
  • pool’s incentives
  • yield’s sustainability and competitiveness
  • narrative

I will conduct due diligence (daesu-style) on all new pools that apply to join an omnipool.
I will not vote for unaudited or uncollateralized stablecoins or protocol tokens with bad debts to name a few cases.
I would have no preconceptions about new protocols.

  • Your wallet address


Thanks for reading