Genesis LAVs - Liquidity Allocation Votes


Two months ago, the first Conic governance vote began. This marked the beginning of Conic’s pre-launch governance phase. Where vlCNC holders decided the key parameters that would determine how Conic Omnipools would function at launch. Now that supported underlying assets and whitelisted pools have been decided, it’s time to kick off the genesis liquidity allocation votes (LAVs).

The genesis LAVs will determine the liquidity allocation weights that each Conic Omnipool launches with. There will be one LAV per Omnipool (FRAX, USDC, DAI). Of which, will all occur concurrently. Shortly after genesis LAVs conclude, Omnipools will go live.

Genesis LAVs will begin this Wednesday and voting will last for five days

How to vote
Each Conic Omnipool has its own LAV. Meaning, vlCNC holders can vote on liquidity allocation weights for each pool. Voting for LAVs is done via weighted votes so vlCNC holders can distribute their voting power across whitelisted Curve pools as they please. Following genesis LAVs and the launch of Omnipools, LAVs will be carried out on a recurring bi-weekly schedule.

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