May the 4th - Community Update

First off, from one Conehead to another, happy May the 4th! Conic has now been live on mainnet for over 2 months. While we have certainly made some accomplishments during this short time, the current state of Conic does not represent the complete Conic vision. As we have been keeping our heads down and building we thought now, on this special day, was an appropriate time to give the community, who has continued to support us, a special update. The following is an outline of what’s coming next for Conic in the near future.

ETH Pools
We will soon be introducing a new phase for Conic via the addition of non USD pegged pools. That is, through the addition of ETH Omnipools. The first ETH Omnipool will be for ETH pegged pairs only, providing LPs with optimized exposure across the best ETH pegged pairs. Following the launch of this Omnipool we plan to also introduce non-pegged ETH pools or volatile ETH pairs in a separate ETH Omnipool(s).

As many of you are well aware, crvUSD was deployed yesterday. A Snapshot vote is now live to support a crvUSD Omnipool. If this vote is to pass, we will launch a crvUSD Omnipool once the top 2-4 crvUSD-stable coin Curve pool pairs have been established. A LAV will of course be held to decide on the initial liquidity allocation weights. Following this launch phase, changes to the crvUSD Omnipool will need to go through governance as per usual.

Conic v2
Conic v2 will bring key changes to what Conic is and what it can do. And yes, it is related to the aforementioned point. Stay tuned.