Temperature Check for Chainalysis’ Proactive Incident Response

This is a temperature check re: Chainalysis’ Proactive Incident Response (“Proactive CIR”) to protect Conic in the future event of a hack or exploit.


Hackers are stealing more cryptocurrency from DeFi platforms than ever before. DeFi protocols as victims accounted for 82% of all stolen crypto in 2022 — a total of $3.1 billion — and we’re seeing this trend continue in 2023, as Conic unfortunately knows firsthand. As such, securing incident response coverage has become a top priority and Chainalysis is the leading crypto asset recovery solution. To date, Chainalysis has aided in the recovery of over $11B in stolen funds through our own investigations and others we supported. I’ve linked some customer references and supporting data below, if you want to read further.

Proactive CIR is a rapid-response retainer service. In procuring it, Conic would have Chainalysis’ world-class, global team of professional investigators and cybersecurity experts on standby 24/7 in the event of a hack or exploit, ready to respond immediately. Key benefits include:

  • Deter Hacks. The best outcome is you never get hacked. CIR helps deter hackers by letting them know a leading global crypto investigative team is on your side.
  • Reaction Time. Investigative response time is the most critical vector to asset recovery. Having a proactive solution in place decreases the time to respond and increases the likelihood of success.
  • Guaranteed Support. Contracting with Chainalysis after a hack occurs is considerably more expensive, slower, and we cannot guarantee the team will have the bandwidth to take on the case. Purchasing Proactive CIR solves these problems - plus you benefit from being in the Chainalysis network via education, threat intel, and more.
  • Technical Skills. The ability to trace funds through various types of complex platforms is a crucial part of the CIR offering. This applies to identified mixer platforms but also unidentified mixers and new bridging protocols between blockchains.
  • Network. Chainalysis has a huge customer base and, with it, a sizable network with personal connections to almost all significant exchanges and services in the crypto space. Also, our strong relationship with Law Enforcement Agencies around the world makes us very efficient in engaging the relevant authorities when needed.

Customer References and Supporting Data

If this is interesting to the Conic community as a security measure, please don’t hesitate to ask questions or we can schedule a call. TG @lizzienell

Thank you!

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